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Fly-tipping in Northamptonshire

There have been 50 reports of fly-tipping in Northamptonshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Havelock Street
40 Havelock Street. Garden furniture has been stacked up in a small side entrance for months now and bags of rubbish have appeared next to it which is overflowing onto public path.
Fly-tipping in Indmere Close
Huge pile growing, mixed and bulky waste
Fly-tipping in Kestrel Lane
73 Kestrel lane fly tipping again
Fly-tipping in Queen Eleanor Road
Mattress on corner of queen eleanor road/queen eleanor terrace
Fly-tipping in Blackthorn Road
Workshops constantly fly tipped, household clearance type waste
Fly-tipping in Spectacle Lane
In sheep field gateway Address evidence can be seen
Fly-tipping in Lodge Lane
Looks like the contents of a garage, probably a transit vans worth
Fly-tipping in Sandy Lane
Tipped from a tipper lorry, mainly builders waste such as plasterboard etc
Fly-tipping in High Street
Bulk bag containing turf waste and empty concrete bags on roadside verge.
Fly-tipping in High Street
Bulk bag of garden waste and cement bags. On verge of public highway.
Fly-tipping in Flatford Close
This has because a dumping ground for household waste. Council have just cleared one lot and straight away more appears
Fly-tipping in Kettering Road
Carpet waste laying on verge of public road