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Fly-tipping in Northumberland

There have been 14 reports of fly-tipping in Northumberland over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Kerry Close
Settee and child's bicycle.
Fly-tipping in Thorneyburn Way
Old fence and gate with attached ivy just dumped on the path. The entire area is continually being used for fly tipping, and it’s becoming unbearable
Fly-tipping in Stead Lane
Next to the bins someone has kindly picked all this up and council too lazy to collect it’s been here over 1 week! Please collect before it blows all over again
Fly-tipping in Brock Lane
General waste litter and plastic scattered all along Brock lane.
Fly-tipping in Brock Lane
Sofa, fridge and lots of litter scattered around. Along Brock lane Northumberland between the A189 and West Sleekburn.
Fly-tipping in Whithorn Court
Part of old sofa.
Fly-tipping in King George's Road
Burnt out car with engine block about 50m in front of it
Fly-tipping in Druridge Farm Cottages
Plaster board and rubble. Located at the ‘turning circle’ at the end of the road
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Located just off main road at gates do farmers field
Fly-tipping in Disraeli Street
Bed and carpets.
Fly-tipping in A1
Carpet, msg, bathroom waste - left in the middle of the road on a blind corner so very very dangerous. It will cause a crash.
Fly-tipping in Ridge Way
Builders rubble