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Fly-tipping in Newark

There have been 4 reports of fly-tipping in Newark over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Inholms Gardens
A bed has been dumped on Inholms Road Flintham Notts
Fly-tipping in Main Street
20 garden fence panels and conifer tree cuttings.
Fly-tipping in Deerdale Lane
Household waste dumped here, everywhere.
Fly-tipping in Deerdale Lane
Garments and waste, in the hedge row
Fly-tipping in Brake Lane
Bathroom waste plaster board coving shower door/screen
Fly-tipping in Beacon View
Bed frame left by white van at 10am Monday morning Outside 30 beacon view On the public pavement
Fly-tipping in Moorlands Close
Extra photos
Fly-tipping in Ollerton Road
General building waste dumped in the corned of duncan wood lodge car park
Fly-tipping in Moorlands Close
Fly tipping by two occupants of the housing association housing, located on Moorlands Close, which backs onto Green Garden Lane. Rubbish just dumped on the Lane and branches from tree clippings dumped in the dyke.
Fly-tipping in Green Lane
General household goods
Fly-tipping in A46
Mattresses, immense amount of litter, fluid carrier of some kind, wood, cardboard, bin bags
Fly-tipping in Oakfield Road
By roadblock coming from Balderton