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Fly-tipping in Nottinghamshire

There have been 48 reports of fly-tipping in Nottinghamshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Catfoot Lane
Black bin bags, dumped from what looks like a moving car. All now strewn up the road. This is a hot spot for this type of dumping.
Fly-tipping in Doncaster Road
Rear of the pocket dumped white goods and over flowing bins attracting rats
Fly-tipping in The Wells Road
Lots of waste in the vegetation
Fly-tipping in Sutton Lane
Household waste kids toy boxes
Fly-tipping in Galway Crescent
Grid reference: 53.3287794, -0.9782918 General waste, your app won’t find my location I had use to google maps for location, even with location services turned on, needs some work
Fly-tipping in Blidworth Lane
Black bin bags in mouth of field entrance
Fly-tipping in Palmer Crescent
48 southdale, carlton there are bin bags thrown over into the 'no mans land' behind which is a risk to wildlife
Fly-tipping in Peafield Lane
Rhs going towards Edwinstowe , entrance to forest before electricity pylons, dozen fridges
Fly-tipping in A610
As you get to morgreen colts birnhams football club continue straight to seven Trent water it is just before you get there on the left hand side there is also some on the right hand side aswell that’s been there a while bath tub etc.
Fly-tipping in Northern Court
Packaging, insulation and plastic bags
Fly-tipping in Barlock Road
Card board boxes and paper
Fly-tipping in Bank End Road
Black bin bags and tyres