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Fly-tipping in Nottinghamshire

There have been 40 reports of fly-tipping in Nottinghamshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Brickenhole Lane
Car parts and coboards
Fly-tipping in Cauldwell Road
All over the side on the road on the grass bank
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Reported this on 28th Jan,2020. White plastic bag at side of lane has been removed. The 3 black bags of rubbish in undergrowth by fence/hedge are still there.
Fly-tipping in Elma Lane
Bin bag and compost from plant pot at side of Elma Lane between +roads in dip and Holbeck.
Fly-tipping in Buskeyfield Lane
More fly tipping on Buskeyfield Lane. 40+black bin bags and cardboard boxes. Lane runs between A60 and A616.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Carrier bag at side of lane, black bin bags stashed in undergrowth.
Fly-tipping in Bradgate Road
Tree on the road
Fly-tipping in Blyth Road
Anything from garden waste to toys, furniture, slate and tyres.
Fly-tipping in Styrrup Lane
Builders rubbish
Fly-tipping in Styrrup Lane
Fridge Freezer and commercial waste bin
Fly-tipping in Park Lane
2 car seats in layby on Park Lane between A616 and Holbeck.
Fly-tipping in Bradgate Road
Bags full of rubbish