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Fly-tipping in Chard

Fly-tipping in Tolley's Lane
Washing machine dumped at the top of the footpath where it joins Tolley's Lane by the A30
Fly-tipping in A30
A boat full of rubbish in the layby at the top of Mal's Mead Lane adjacent to the A30
Fly-tipping in A30
A boat has been dumped in the lay by.
Fly-tipping in National Cycle Route 33
Several black bags full of rubbish at the entrance to the cycle/foot path from the Millfield end
Fly-tipping in Avishayes Road
Loft insulation materials. Just opposite Paintmoor Lane in Avishayes Road
Fly-tipping in Fisher Court
Garden storage chest, loo seat, pillow, cushion, etc..... just up from Guppy's Bridge in Avishayes Road
Fly-tipping in National Cycle Route 33
The foot/cycle path between Tapstone Road and Millfield is strewn with litter, all the way along!!
Fly-tipping in Loveridge Lane
Fly-tipping in Palfrey's Lane
Hamster cage and plastic sacks
Fly-tipping in Wambrook
General rubbish, about 100 yards from Toll House
Fly-tipping in Avishayes Road
Chest of drawers at the top of Avishayes Road just off Oaklands Avenue
Fly-tipping in Redscript Lane
Washing machine in behind the hedge by the junction