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Fly-tipping in Weston-super-Mare

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Weston-super-Mare over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Several large furniture cushions and broken glass. This is a common occurrence here. Perhaps a sign could be put up saying fly tippers will be prosecuted. CCTV in operation. Just a thought!!!
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Entrance to old golf course Hutton Moor Lane, large pain of glass now been smashed, danger to children and animals.
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Large sheet of broken glass and large car battery, entrance to old golf course Hutton Moor Lane. Next to the recycling centre. Would you believe it, thoughtless morons.
Fly-tipping in Searle Crescent
In brick shed on Hutton Moor playing field, near Asda
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Waste left by travellers
Fly-tipping in West Wick Roundabout
Big pile of waste including a pile of carpet. Very close to the roundabout (going from Morrison’s towards Banwell) Unable to provide photos due to driving
Fly-tipping in Dormeads View
It is an electric oven and an extraction hood in a plastic basket. It is on the pavement on the left hand side as you come in to the road.
Fly-tipping in Wick Lane
Two reports: One on verge nearest to railway line (garden waste, wood & polystyrene) the other on opposite verge nearer to Brean Road (broken pallet)
Fly-tipping in Bourton Lane
household things,clothes, shoes, excersie step machine paint pots plus post with names and address on them. I was out walking from Saint Georges through fields when i came to part where the bourbon lane is on a bend
Fly-tipping in Bridgwater Road
Huge Pile of Fly tipping along Bridgwater Road Weston Super Mare, causing a hazard to health risk!
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Several black bags been dumped even though the recycling centre in now open. Moral standards seems to be sadly lacking these days.
Fly-tipping in Ebdon Lane
Gym equipment