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Fly-tipping in Suffolk

There have been 26 reports of fly-tipping in Suffolk over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in The Josselyns
In the corner next to the public footpath
Fly-tipping in Monument Farm Lane
Building & general household items. Including a box with a delivery note still attached....
Fly-tipping in Eldon Lane
End of lane near farm entrance
Fly-tipping in Easton Road
Bed base and mattress, car tyre, various small household items.
Fly-tipping in Bruce Street
Tv, mattress foam, shopping trolley
Fly-tipping in Oliver Close
Resident of 14 Oliver Close dumping grass cutting on public footpath, does everytime he cuts grass, told wrong but he becomes abusive!!!
Fly-tipping in Oliver Close
Grass cutting from number 16 and 18 dumped by resident of 16. Not the first time, have other video but won't upload. A public footpath is here as well. He does this every time he cuts his grass! Said before to him, but he is abusive!!
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Dumped clearance waste
Fly-tipping in Windsor Road
An old bath has been dumped outside the back of Windsor road houses operate the car park
Fly-tipping in Oulton Road
Behind one stop and fish shop.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Man size money soft toy
Fly-tipping in North Street
Mattress and other misc. Household waste. Constant fly tipping in tefuse area of Cedar Apartments. Blocking access for residents and workers. Fire and public health hazard