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Fly-tipping in Suffolk

There have been 27 reports of fly-tipping in Suffolk over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Orchard Street
Fridge freezer Sofa
Fly-tipping in B1075
River path Ipswich by benches. Group of men dumping bags of rubbish and chucking litter into bushes
Fly-tipping in River Path
Head along the river path towards the old cattle yard area by the statue and 3 benches you will find a heap of empty bottles, food waste, cigarettes and lots of broken glass
Fly-tipping in River Path
About 8 plastic bags and empty alcohol bottles, food waste and drug paraphernalia littered around and behind benches
Fly-tipping in Ranelagh Road
Large amount of waste within old parking area alongside Pooleys Yard apartments
Fly-tipping in Avondale Road
Bath Shelf Chair
Fly-tipping in Trafalgar Street
Sofa Chairs
Fly-tipping in Lodge Road
Parts of an old shed on the side of the road
Fly-tipping in Battery Green Road
Fridge and table in peacocks and wilkinsons delivery bay/staff car park near marina turning
Fly-tipping in Yarmouth Road
Trolley at bridge pass
Fly-tipping in Highfield
Household waste dumped underneath bridge on old railway track in Clare Country Park, near Highfield.
Fly-tipping in Boss Hall Road
General waste