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Fly-tipping in Addlestone

Fly-tipping in Halley's Walk
Waste being dumped outside the house at the back of Rivermead close into halleys walk and on council verge , it looks unsightly to us who live here
Fly-tipping in Addlestone Moor
Head to PhilipSouthCote school, just before it in the hedgerow on the right hand side r bags of dumped black bin bags of broken tiles. It’s about 100yards from the BMX track walkway. Did litter pick up there but unable to take this due to the weight.
Fly-tipping in Weybridge Road
Earlier today saw a bathtub and its contents left on the grass, beside main road. (Please refer only to local A317 road photo.)
Fly-tipping in Liberty Lane
Bags of waste dumped there on Friday. I reported to Runnymede council on the day but it's now day 5 and no action taken.
Fly-tipping in Crouch Oak Lane
Single mattress by Everleigh House bins
Fly-tipping in Chertsey Road
a small soft armchair for child, by footpath (or grass verge) nearest to an end property.
Fly-tipping in Woburn Hill
Food Display Cabinet dispenser machine on its side.
Fly-tipping in Roakes Avenue
Mainly green waste with a few plastics
Fly-tipping in Roakes Avenue
Two loads of garden waste
Fly-tipping in Canford Drive
Carpet and bags
Fly-tipping in Addlestone Moor
This same loo has been broken smaller, same place, and seen there again by 2. May 2021. It is next to the left end of a parking area, alongside the access by foot, to BMX track, footpath, and school (& polling station), behind fire station.
Fly-tipping in Sopwith Way
Household waste left on the street Residents have no care for the community by dumping rubbish Management agency whom I called myself regarding this as a concerned neighbour to this block of flats isn’t interested nor are they dealing with it.