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Fly-tipping in Surrey

There have been 33 reports of fly-tipping in Surrey over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Telegraph Lane
Garden waste dumped
Fly-tipping in Scott's Hill
two tires dumped in carpark
Fly-tipping in Somersbury Lane
2 sacks of waste to right of field entrance
Fly-tipping in Horsham Road
Broken furniture and waste just behind, the Vicarage
Fly-tipping in Courtoak Lane
Inside byway entrance. A lounge chair immediately on the left then a settee and old cooker in a ditch on the right.
Fly-tipping in Beggarshouse Lane
Flooring materials
Fly-tipping in The Wilderness
Dumped fridges.
Fly-tipping in Gibbs Brook Lane
Wood and rubble (possibly from and old deck?) dumped at entrance to public bridleway
Fly-tipping in Old Malden Lane
Fly tipping all around here, and a disgusting barn in squalid condition
Fly-tipping in Riverhill Mews
Large pile of mixed waste dumped into hedge
Fly-tipping in Barn Close
3 bags broken corrugated sheets. May be cement based or potential asbestos. In Barn Close, Banstead, Sm7 3hj
Fly-tipping in The Mount
Furniture dumped