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Fly-tipping in Wednesbury

Fly-tipping in Hallens Drive
Armchair and general waste that has been set on fire
Fly-tipping in The Green
Several bin bags and a broken mirror dumped at the side of the terraced houses. Believed to be from No 2 Jubilee Buildings, a house that has been turned into bedsits. Mess outside cleared and these bags appeared
Fly-tipping in Avenue Road
Looks like general household waste located at rear of properties on Walsall road A4038 at Junction with Avenue road WS10 9JR
Fly-tipping in Hallens Drive
Cooker child’s safety gate room heater and various other rubbish again 3rd time reported rubbish in same area
Fly-tipping in Hallens Drive
Lots of black bin liners what looks like household waste
Fly-tipping in Hallens Drive
Chair and bedstead and mattress plus bags of rubbish on walkway to canal towpath
Fly-tipping in Willenhall Street
Asda basket full of rubbish you can’t miss it
Fly-tipping in Banfield Road
Household rubbish, plastics, roofing felt, black bags.
Fly-tipping in Wellcroft Street
This is not only a safety hazzard, but it's also obstructing traffic. I can see this toppling over if anymore rubbish gets put on. An accident waiting to happen. Sandwell council, pull your finger out and get this moved.
Fly-tipping in Saint David Drive
Not sure what is happening with this land but fly tipping is increasing. Fearful for future if not sorted
Fly-tipping in The Green
One bin bag by bench, one and other rubbish behind Bush next to fence. Every week household waste dumped here
Fly-tipping in The Green
It's only 1 bin bag at present, this is every week. The council had a litter bin here which they have now removed due to this constant fly tipping of household waste.