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Fly-tipping in Crawley

There have been 4 reports of fly-tipping in Crawley over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Old Brighton Road South
Old carpet, tyres, bbq, plus other
Fly-tipping in Meadowlands
Alleyway between Meadowlands and Lodge Close someone has dumped 3 bags of rubbish
Fly-tipping in Grattons Drive
Four X 25 litre containers of what looks to be used engine oil have been dumped here. They are leaking and are very likely to run into the drainage system.
Fly-tipping in Chetwood Road
Mixed rubbish
Fly-tipping in Sullivan Drive
Building waste
Fly-tipping in Arcturus Road
Plastic bottles, cans
Fly-tipping in Balcombe Road
Significant general rubbish from the pin point on both sides of the road up to the Cowdray Pub marked on photo. Too dangerous to park.
Fly-tipping in Morecambe Close
Owners at 46 Morecambe Close refurbishing and use paving slabs to put a skip on. They left the verge like this. Spoke to owner and he said not his problem
Fly-tipping in Woodfield Road
A cot, bed and mattresses Belongs to the people at 9 Lockwood court this is the second time the have done it. Was outside their house as witnesses by a few neighbours
Fly-tipping in Padstow Walk
Trees cut down.Garden waste and general rubbish.People at 68 Padstow Walk having building work done and cut down a tree that was close to their fence. Threw this in the forest.Confinted & said it is council’s responsibility as on council property.
Fly-tipping in Parish Lane
Paint and building waste
Fly-tipping in Morecambe Close
Waste from builders at house in Morecambe Close (opposite play park). Asked them to remove they said not theirs but saw them remove items from house and use paving stones to support a skip. Confronted them and they told me to Eff off