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Fly-tipping in West Sussex

There have been 19 reports of fly-tipping in West Sussex over the last month.

Fly-tipping in South Downs Way
This has been here for weeks. It has been reported to both Horsham and Adur District councils but feel neither are taking responsibility as it’s on the border between the two.
Fly-tipping in South Downs Way
Bridal path to the south downs
Fly-tipping in The Bostal
Destroyed caravan discarded
Fly-tipping in Old Crawley Road
Old tyres.
Fly-tipping in Balcombe Road
loads of bags of rubbish in red and white bags and bin bags on side of the road just before the traffic lights.
Fly-tipping in Centurion Way
Sorry, this is the third attempt at reporting this... I’m afraid the app doesn’t seem to be working for me. Apologies if you get it three times! It’s a sofa on the footpath off Centurian Way just behind Bishop Luffa school.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Pile of wood and waste off the old A3 - at chapel common
Fly-tipping in Rusper Road
River full of rubbish with a lot of addresses, blocking bridge inlet 51.089703.-0.298924 is the grid location
Fly-tipping in Street Lane
Bed bases, sofas mattresses and furniture dumped on Street lane
Fly-tipping in Giles Close
Outside council owned flats
Fly-tipping in Sandy Vale
Someone has dumped a washing machine/dryer by our bins outside our property. Not sure who but it would be great of this can please be removed at the earliest convenience. Thank you!
Fly-tipping in Trafalgar Gardens
In the bin room of Reeves House, first right.