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Fly-tipping in Redditch

Fly-tipping in Flanders Close
Fly-tipping in Exhall Close
Plumbing pipes , a mattress and fence panels
Fly-tipping in Forge Mill Road
Under the stairs Of 2 &4 huband Close redditch It’s a sofa
Fly-tipping in Exhall Close
A bed fridge and various other items of bags and polystyrene
Fly-tipping in Naseby Close
Waste thrown over the fence of their property. If you look in the hedge, you will find a kids slide from last year where the hedge has grown over it. Currently they have dumped an old tool box, speaker, and a tv ariel in the bush.
Fly-tipping in Bengrove Close
In the field. Lots of alcohol left in the open. looks like a Birthday party. Photo of a receipt
Fly-tipping in Jersey Close
Lorry load of soil
Fly-tipping in Edgefield Close
Black bags on verge
Fly-tipping in Barnwood Close
Sofa, slide, bike and clothing rail left outside our houses
Fly-tipping in Gilbertstone Close
Black plastic bags look to be full of garden waste
Fly-tipping in Gilbertstone Close
Garden waste in black plastic bags
Fly-tipping in Poplars Lane
From Croft Lane, head down Poplar Lane. Waste is mostly dumped on left. Mixture of old furniture, bin bags and card.some in opposite ditch