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Fly-tipping in Dundee

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Dundee over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Foggyley Gardens
On kilspindie Road, East of kilspindie Street. Heap of broken paving stones
Fly-tipping in Old Meigle Rail Path
Divan base and mattress. Really don't understand why these lazy morons can't take to dump since the stuff is in their car / van anyway!
Fly-tipping in Whitfield Square
Right next to the underpass and also inside the underpass
Fly-tipping in Whitfield Drive
Double mattress discarded at the side of the oath. Easily found near the underpass
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Car tyres and waste oil
Fly-tipping in Templeton Road
Morons have dumped a bath on Templeton Road near where it crosses the Dighty. The road works signs/rubbish further up the road still there - since January
Fly-tipping in Old Meigle Rail Path
About a dozen tyres on right near the top of the hill after Old Railway Line. Then a further 2 tyres on left over brow of hill
Fly-tipping in Old Meigle Rail Path
Fridge freezer and tyres dumped on The Old Railwayline. Yet again morons spoil our beautiful countryside
Fly-tipping in Whitfield Drive
Double mattress dumped near down alleyway easily findable
Fly-tipping in Millburn Gardens
Waste cardboard partly burnt
Fly-tipping in Templeton Road
Not fly tipping but council may wish to remove - not the best example
Fly-tipping in Templeton Road
Front grill and other car bits. Bad enough these lazy, selfish prats dump stuff - but in the Dighty itself. Will we could catch them