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Fly-tipping in Edinburgh

Fly-tipping in West Shore Road
MDF wooden panels
Fly-tipping in West Granton Road
At the bus stop on West Granton Road (in front of old Carolina Park). It is a host-spot for fly tipping - behind the low stone wall and the metal fence. Large items and lots of litter.
Fly-tipping in Corbiewynd
A dumped trampoline on public land, paid for and maintained by residents. The trampoline has been there for months now, broken and dangerous.
Fly-tipping in Dumbryden Gardens
Slabs & builders rubble
Fly-tipping in Marine Drive
Remnants of garden waste comprising a slab, sections of a brick wall, rubble, plastic waste bags full of sand lying partially on footway and road with a broken parking cone.
Fly-tipping in Printonan Crescent
Bags of soil and rock
Fly-tipping in Printonan Crescent
Metal, bags of ceramic Tiles, bits of mdf and loose tiles on east side of Broomhills Rd at tree line
Fly-tipping in Gilmerton Dykes Street
On 2nd floor landing there is 2 bed frames and a 2 seater sofa been dumped by the window
Fly-tipping in Silverknowes Road
A mixture of gardening waste, cardboard and old carpets. Silverknowes Road remains closed so tippers must have moved barriers to access
Fly-tipping in Peffer Place
Children from no4 Packer Place dumping a trolly of waste in the ind estate at Peffermill.
Fly-tipping in Silverknowes Road
Mostly earth, wood and rubble. Halfway down Silverknowes Road between golf course and promenade. Silverknowes Road is actually closed so tippers must have removed barriers/fences to access
Fly-tipping in Links Gardens
Two sofas and a mattress, dumped on the pavement.