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Fly-tipping in Edinburgh

There have been 16 reports of fly-tipping in Edinburgh over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Peffer Place
Children from no4 Packer Place dumping a trolly of waste in the ind estate at Peffermill.
Fly-tipping in Silverknowes Road
Mostly earth, wood and rubble. Halfway down Silverknowes Road between golf course and promenade. Silverknowes Road is actually closed so tippers must have removed barriers/fences to access
Fly-tipping in Links Gardens
Two sofas and a mattress, dumped on the pavement.
Fly-tipping in Hermiston House Road
Builders waste , slabs , monoblock, pallets .
Fly-tipping in Albion Road
There is waste next to bin outside galley. Bins are full of industrial waste and there is an old mattress, and exercise bike.
Fly-tipping in Loanhead Railway Path
Bin overflowing and rubbish and dog dirt bags on the ground all around. It's often like this.
Fly-tipping in Gilmerton Station Road
Dumped packaging by the cycle track close to lamppost LTG 16, most likely tipped over from Gilmerton Station Road. Will probably need to be accessed via the gates onto the track, then turn left for a couple of hundred yards.
Fly-tipping in Braepark Road
Waste bin by the bridge is overflowing with rubbish, with loads of other rubbish dumped alongside as per picture.
Fly-tipping in Gilmerton Dykes Drive
Burnt out motorbike on the pathway through Birdiehouse Nature Reserve as per map.
Fly-tipping in Loanhead Railway Path
Public bin is overflowing with dog poo bags and folk are just dropping more bags, and other rubbish all around it.
Fly-tipping in Broomhills Road
Several sites of dumped waste close together on Broomhills road including mattress, tyres and building materials
Fly-tipping in Burdiehouse Road
Part way up Lang Loan, small layby with gate leading to phone mast. Mattress and old toys discarded.