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Fly-tipping in Glasgow

Fly-tipping in Hawthorn Street
This has been here for god knows how long and have asked the council so many people have asked the council this is discussing and so unhygienic
Fly-tipping in Cleveden Place
Garden waste dumped at end of lane furthest from main road.
Fly-tipping in Memel Street
This has been here for a while these is glass metal etc which I have noticed children playing in this could cause serious remafications on the roads and for children it had been reported but never dealt with.
Fly-tipping in Lochend Road
Household dumped side of road
Fly-tipping in Heatheryknow Road
Tyres and building waste dumped at side of road
Fly-tipping in Inchfad Drive
household rubbish in a large clear plastic bag and the person has left letters in it showing their name and address.
Fly-tipping in Crossview Avenue
Building waste. Tree cuttings.
Fly-tipping in Bredisholm Road
Bath tiles glass
Fly-tipping in M73
Sofas fridge
Fly-tipping in Muirhead Road
Fly-tipping in Harley Street
Fly-tipping in Gartloch Road
100s of tyres, old suite, domestic waste