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Fly-tipping in Glasgow

Fly-tipping in Old Castle Road
Building Rubble and bathroom sink
Fly-tipping in Commonhead Road
Huge ammounts of industrial and house waste. When you go along the road simply look down to the right. This is meant to be an area of nature a positive environmental protected zone. Not the case sadly.
Fly-tipping in Prosen Street
Mattress and wooden planks plus serious general litter in the small park.
Fly-tipping in East Whitby Street
Excessive numbers of cans/bottles /bags etc plus a chair from which the stuffing has been pulled and scattered far and wide in the park.. An unbelievable mess which has recently become much worse.
Fly-tipping in Garturk Street
Rubble, plaster board and shop fittings, dumped on the pavement and on the front yard of a derelict building. The owners of the Al Rheman butchers are responsible, and this has been there for months now.
Fly-tipping in Gartloch Road
Industrial, Electrical and household waste dumped to rear of flats at Gartloch RD, at the turning point, also at land to back of area. Environmental, health and safety concern, causing distress to local residents.
Fly-tipping in Dunnottar Street
Industrial & general waste inc. household waste dumped on the road at 415 Gartloch RD, Glasgow. This waste poses a health and safety and environmental risk and has been dumped less than 200 yards from Hogganfield loch, designated nature reserve.
Fly-tipping in Dunnottar Street
Daily flytipping at the rear of the flats at 415 Gartloch Rod Ruchazie. Industrial waste and household waste
Fly-tipping in Simshill Road
Collection of broken plastic sledges, plastic bottle, cans and a head of No. 6 iron golf club, which I had picked up from the path 😂
Fly-tipping in B769
Bags of rubbish and toys dumped beside recycling point
Fly-tipping in Budhill Avenue
Blue Ford transit custom Reg ME19 YSA has dumped large amount waste bags and cardboard at side entry to car park on x2 occasions now Getting out of hand needs reported
Fly-tipping in Edrom Street
Mattress and two large wooden planks