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Fly-tipping in Renfrewshire

Fly-tipping in Gryffe Road
Bulky waste, tyres and household furniture
Fly-tipping in Greenock Cut
Three piece suites, LCD TVs, tyres, loads of household rubbish, and I mean, loads, this is industrial fly tipping at it's very worst.
Fly-tipping in Maple Drive
At the entrance to the bluebell woods, asbestos roof panels
Fly-tipping in Spencer Drive
Turn off Leitchland Road into Leitchland Farm Road. Waste on either side of the road. Had to be cleared from blocking the road. 2 fridges, internal doors, baby walker, toys etc. Obviously dumped by transit type tipper.
Fly-tipping in Balmoral Road
The waste has been dumped on Auchenlodment Rd about 50-100 yds up past the hairpin
Fly-tipping in Balmoral Road
It’s a three piece suite that’s been dumped in the field behind Adams House and adjacent to Auchenlodment Rd
Fly-tipping in Hole Farm Road
Broken patio slabs
Fly-tipping in Espedair Street
Timber doors @ number 7
Fly-tipping in Heggies Avenue
Port Glasgow Cemetery
Fly-tipping in Hill Street
Fly-tipping in Crawhin Gardens
Freezer appliance, wood lengths and a tv right outside Whinhill Primary school
Fly-tipping in Rossbank Road
On grass opposite St John’s primary. Metal, tree trunks, plastics etc leftover rubbish from the recent refurbished of Chappelton bridge.