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Fly-tipping in Stirlingshire

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Stirlingshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Polmaise Road
Domestic appliance
Fly-tipping in Reedlands Drive
Excavation materials (dirt, clay, stones) from recent works in neighbouring property ended up in drainage channel. Now blocked creating good risk.
Fly-tipping in Gateside Road
Discarded tires & contaminated foam
Fly-tipping in Boxton Road
Mattress, bagged rubbish and tyres
Fly-tipping in Hillary Road
Pile of plastic food containers (looks like contents of a blue bin maybe not been collected and now emptied out). Dumped just onto lade path at end of footpath between houses a two 53 & 55 Hilary Rd, Stenhousemuir, Falkirk.
Fly-tipping in B818
White goods in passing place. Half mile outside Fankerton west bound.
Fly-tipping in Bannockburn Station Road
Carpet and grip
Fly-tipping in Irene Terrace
Builders and domestic waste
Fly-tipping in Craigleith Avenue
Sofa dumped Bastaskin Estate
Fly-tipping in Craigleith Avenue
Sofa and garden waste dumped in Bantaskin Estate car park.
Fly-tipping in Canada Bike trail
Armchair an black waste bags next to canal.
Fly-tipping in Haining Road
This pile was reported on the 2nd of September, and still remains uncleared