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Fly-tipping in Livingston

There have been 54 reports of fly-tipping in Livingston over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Spruce Grove
Large quantity of household items flytipped in Spruce Grove, Craigshill
Fly-tipping in Fremantle Street
Chopped up tree dumped beside parking bay.
Fly-tipping in Craigshill Street
Carpet/carpet ends also a barstool
Fly-tipping in Pine Grove
Craig willow centre, south east of car park
Fly-tipping in Brisbane Street
Bags of general litter and lots of household rubbish including wood, metal, garden waste. All been left at the entrance to Brisbane Street, Craigshill, Livingston.
Fly-tipping in Craigshill East Road
Hoover and a bag of litter which we picked up!!
Fly-tipping in Juniper Grove
Broken table and other broken up wood
Fly-tipping in Oak Grove
Internal door and plastic box along with a bag with cardboard that we bagged up
Fly-tipping in Hazel Grove
Flytipped chair and assortment of furniture broken up
Fly-tipping in Holly Grove
2 large bags of gardening waste and one large bag of tar bits!
Fly-tipping in Juniper Grove
Car bonnet and other car panels. Lots of wood too. In between Linden and juniper grove across from garages
Fly-tipping in Lime Grove
American fridge freezer! Chicken wire, wood panels a rug, we bagged up what we could