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Fly-tipping in West Lothian

There have been 59 reports of fly-tipping in West Lothian over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Craigswood
Pile of tyres dumped beside the garages in craigswood!
Fly-tipping in Onslow Street
Cardboard waste and packaging dumped in bushes beside shop
Fly-tipping in Dedridge East Road
Matress and bed frame fly tipped beside bust stop across from herald rise
Fly-tipping in Falconer Rise
Arm chair been dumped at end of the path beside someones house as you enter Faulkner rise.
Fly-tipping in Oakbank Park Road
Household waste, children's toys and books also lots of catalogues etc. Evidence of person responsible found in 2 of the 3 bags fly tipped
Fly-tipping in Melbourne Street
I have left a single mattress beside the bus stop at inglewood St
Fly-tipping in Inglewood Street
Assortment of household items fly tipped at the back of the houses in Inglewood street at the far side
Fly-tipping in Melbourne Street
Double mattress dumped on grass at Melbourne street near the underpass leading to inglewood st
Fly-tipping in Cousland Road
Single mattress and carpet bagged up. The items have been fly tipped at the back of the bustop near Inglewood street.
Fly-tipping in Brisbane Street
Carpet dumped behind the bushes at brisbane street just beside path near the underpass leading to canberra street
Fly-tipping in Canberra Street
Mattress has been dumped beside the electricity box
Fly-tipping in Main Street
Pillows, work tops, blinds, wood, costa coffee cup, all left at the back of the flats by the tenant in number 39