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Fly-tipping in Cardiff

Fly-tipping in Wentloog Road
Flat pack display cabinet & glass dumped on pavement Rubbish covering drain and overs so will flood the road in heavy rain General rubbish along the road
Fly-tipping in Canal Parade
Brown leather sofa & carpet
Fly-tipping in Wentloog Road
Old TV's and ru bish on the public foot path Also an address / letter within rubbish
Fly-tipping in Bromfield Street
Excrement and miscellaneous waste from green bags
Fly-tipping in Clive Street
Mattress and various items
Fly-tipping in Ferry Road
Dishwasher , wood and cardboard
Fly-tipping in Colchester Avenue
Bagged waste, cartons, glass, tins and plastic dumped on the riverbank close to Sainsbury’s garage
Fly-tipping in Colchester Avenue
Construction waste inside the Tapi Carpets skips. License plate AJ58 JCV. As I tried to stop them from doing it I was still called a F....idiot.
Fly-tipping in Colchester Avenue
Bagged waste, tins, bottles, cardboard, plastic gloves, polystyrene containers, foil wrappers
Fly-tipping in Melrose Avenue
Overflowing bins of black bags ( in a non black area), carpets, vacuum cleaner, bags of dog excrement, general litter
Fly-tipping in Smart Bridge
At both ends of the smart Bridge, below the ramp sections, there’s lots of bags, plastics and an old sign.
Fly-tipping in Melrose Avenue
A double mattress and large cardboard box