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Fly-tipping in Cardiff

Fly-tipping in Cobol Road
Rubble Wood Mattress Cut tree Carpet
Fly-tipping in Palace Road
Fly-tipping in Shirley Road
Bin bags and dog waste bags thrown over towards the train tracks on the other side of the alley way behind the houses. Some have landed ln the trees, the fence, and on the opposite side.
Fly-tipping in Arran Street
Cardboard boxes and recycling bags (looks to be from a business)
Fly-tipping in Arran Street
Cardboard boxes and recycling bags looks to be from a business
Fly-tipping in Deere Place
Chest of draws. Been here 2 weeks
Fly-tipping in Thornhill Road
Lay by at Caerphilly end of Capil Gwilym lane. Spotted Wednesday.
Fly-tipping in Harrison Drive
Large pile of waste including mattress
Fly-tipping in Pierhead Street
House furniture
Fly-tipping in Cae Garw
Matress on council land . End of driveway to pen dragon public house
Fly-tipping in Wentloog Road
Piles of CO2 gases on the pavement and would be a H&S for slips and trips. Always seems to be a hot spot for this type of activity.
Fly-tipping in Addison Crescent
5 black bag I live in 45 Addison crescent unfortunately this isn't the first time. Please someone can come and collect it. If they close down the lane next to my house may solve this problem. Also if you can find a address please let me know.