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Fly-tipping in Llanelli

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Llanelli over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Pentrepoeth Road
Asda trolley on cycle path off lake view terrace, Llanelli
Fly-tipping in Chapman Street
2 blue bags in hedges on cycle path behind chapman street
Fly-tipping in Chapman Street
Bags of clothes in hedges
Fly-tipping in Nant Y Gro
This is the 3rd report I’ve made about rubbish being dumped in the area. It still hasn’t been cleared and more has been added again today!!!
Fly-tipping in Parc Howard Avenue
Wooden boards at side of road
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Council owned property. Disgusting waste in front garden done by occupier, attracting rats.
Fly-tipping in Nant Y Gro
More rubbish has been dumped again at this recycling spot.
Fly-tipping in Nant Y Gro
Domestic waste dumped at recycling bins. The bags to the right have been there since we went away on holiday on the 27/08/22 and are still there. More have been left in the meantime. Eyesore in a residential area
Fly-tipping in Nant Y Gro
Fly tipping around recycling bins. General rubbish strewn all around cul de sac and surrounding hedges and bushes. In a residential street. Eyesore and looks so messy.
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Overgrown grass near residential area. Busy thoroughfare used by school children. Discarded bottles and rubbish amongst extremely long grass.
Fly-tipping in Spien Road
Go in to spien rd turn down and it’s in the field on the back lane they burn it so lot of ash also
Fly-tipping in Mount Pleasant Buildings
Bin storage built on patch of land, rubbish blowing everywhere, metal and clothing just dumped by householder