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Fly-tipping in Carmarthenshire

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Carmarthenshire over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Mountain Road
Old beds, mattress and wooden furniture
Fly-tipping in Wern Road
Sofa concrete tiled block and car wheel been dumped in street outside side of propertys 31/33 and 35 Wern Road
Fly-tipping in Bryncoch
Babies nappies, food waste. Environmental health hazard.
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Rubbish strewn all over front lawn and dude if property. Rotten food etc. Rats seen on property
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Household waste including a fridge freezer
Fly-tipping in Penprys Road
Black sack of rubbish. Possibly textile
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
A fridge has been dumped on the grass verge in an area of SSSI.
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Fly tipping. 5 brags full of bottles right next to empty glass recycling bins
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Fly tipping. The fly tipping sign seems to be missing too
Fly-tipping in Gors-Fach
Black bags.
Fly-tipping in Millennium Coastal Path
That’s are about 5 boxes of Cadbury s flakes dumped in The undergrowth on the right hand side as you enter into the burry port woodland car park
Fly-tipping in B4303
Extremely long grass, needs cutting. Main school walking route.