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Fly-tipping in Flintshire

Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Fly-tipping in B5122
Fly-tipping in Green Lane East
Old cooker on side of road in lay by.
Fly-tipping in Ffordd Onnen
A mixture, possibly including asbestos sheets.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Packaging, I've added a map to the photos. On the road into caerwys B5122, turn left as you come to the last corners. In lay by down the lane on your left .
Fly-tipping in Ashfield Road
Sofas. On road side. Been there for a week.
Fly-tipping in Ferry Lane
Looks like chipboard.
Fly-tipping in Claremont Avenue
Dumped behind the park bench. Looks like the bag has been opened by wild animals.
Fly-tipping in North Wales Expressway
Household waste and what looks like trade waste as well.
Fly-tipping in Sebring Avenue
Dumped on the old Chester Road as you come round the bend. Sofa, TVs, General household waste.
Fly-tipping in Gosmore Road
At number 12 gosmore Rd new Brighton if you go down the path to the garages you will see it I've seen the people who live at 12 gosmore Rd tipping it but being nasty people unable to get a picture without getting to close
Fly-tipping in Pinfold Lane
Down the end of the lane