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Fly-tipping in Bury

Fly-tipping in Croston Close Road
Pile of old upholstery and other waste. Address of where waste has come from clearly visible
Fly-tipping in Broad Oak Lane
Plastic bottles bags paper dog mess in bags health hazard
Fly-tipping in Broad Oak Lane
Public bins filled to overflow includes bags of dog mess hazard to health
Fly-tipping in Albert Street
On the wall are several carpets, bin bags and a clothes horse.
Fly-tipping in B6213
Household waste. Broadhead Road. Leaving grain road toward Edgworth about 1 mile from Grey Mare Inn, junction of B6232 and Jackson Heights Road. Rubbish strewn over about 100 metres.
Fly-tipping in Helmshore Road
What 3 words location Appealed.laminate.list Excess domestic dustbin. 1 mile from shoulder of mutton on old road to Helmshore
Fly-tipping in B6221
Fridge, car, flooring, general households items and waste
Fly-tipping in B6221
Back ally on 11 st pauls street, bury
Fly-tipping in B6221
Allyway on wash lane, behind 11 st pauls villas bury, outside the back gardens of 2 and 5 st pauls villas
Fly-tipping in Martin Street
Bags of general black bin waste side of number 14 in back Street rats seen in rubbish
Fly-tipping in Moorbottom Road
Builders rubbish about 200 metres before national trust property
Fly-tipping in Burnley Road
Purple bin bags, slightly overweight man, black short hair pick up truck registration:A7XGW