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Fly-tipping in Barry

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Barry over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Heol Gylfinir
Stack of patio tiles against my boundary fence making it a stepping access to my property and someone set a fire against my boundary fence could cause extreme damage to mine and other properties located star lane should another fire be started
Fly-tipping in Saint Bride's Way
St Bride's Way Barry, CF63 1RR GB-WLS
Fly-tipping in Heol Gylfinir
Star lane off breaksea drive barry island
Fly-tipping in Heol Gylfinir
Top of breaksea drive barry island lane on the right by day care centre and church in the lane a few metres from the church on the left hand side two dumps not far from each other
Fly-tipping in Heol Gylfinir
Contents of a garage clean out by occupiers. Total disgusting the second one I have reported in the same location
Fly-tipping in Heol Gylfinir
Roofing waste
Fly-tipping in Salisbury Road
Metal wire, builders waste bag with general waste
Fly-tipping in Port Road East
Dog walker and public access for walking. Mattress waste sofa bed dumped fire and police were there early Jan 2022
Fly-tipping in Peterswell Road
Two doors have been dumped 1x black 1x white. Reported on the Neighbor hood app
Fly-tipping in Port Road
A few black bin liners and a few large pieces of plastic dumped into the hedgerow.
Fly-tipping in Castle Road
A huge amount of construction waste and dirt dumped literally in the middle of the road.
Fly-tipping in Gilbert Lane