Paisley Waste Warriors

by James MacLaren

Paisley could be so much better and a great tourist attraction if only people took better care of it. We have the highest number of listed buildings outside of Edinburgh and a number of lovely parks. If you would like to make Paisley beautiful then please join this group. If you would like to pick up litter as well as report it then I can lend you a litter picker and some green refuse bags. It is important to remember that if you leave a bag of rubbish at the side of the road then it should be in one of the council green bags, otherwise please take it home and put it in your wheelie bin. If you litter pick with others then please remember social distancing.

Host your own Event

Hosting your own event helps raise awareness, tackle fly-tipping & create a better community for everyone. Join together with other Waste Warriors and be part of the solution to help ensure a better environment for all.