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Fly-tipping in Runcorn

There have been 7 reports of fly-tipping in Runcorn over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Ashridge Street
There may be some evidence in the bags where this flytipping has emanated from.
Fly-tipping in Brindley Street
Mattresses. Bin savks
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Waste kindly pulled from canal by magnateers. Can this be cleared please.
Fly-tipping in Thomas Jones Way
Lots of discarded rubbish
Fly-tipping in Cotton Lane
6 bin bags of rubbish. Left near 153 cotton lane just to clarify it wasn't 153 who did this just getting you as close as possible to where it is.
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
This has now been reported 3 times and still there. There is now a pair of shoes, a rug and carpet floor tiles. It won’t surprise me if I have to report again In another weeks time
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
Flooring - tile flooring and vinyl Bin bags Dark green panelling of some sort
Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
More household waste and rubbish dumped in the alleyway on egerton street, this has only just been cleared last week by the council. Same people again. Adjacent to alleyway.
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
Bin bags, white flooring rug and black carpet tiles
Fly-tipping in Clarence Street
Fly tipping of what looks like garden waste clearance. Under silver jubilee bridge, some of it in the road causing a hazard
Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
Household waste, toys, steam mop and boxes from a new bed dumped in alleyway by adjoining neighbour. Blocking access to bins and causing health and safety issue. Repeated rubbish dumping.
Fly-tipping in The Glen
Mattress, two sofas and grass clippings, previously reported, now two bags