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Fly-tipping in Derbyshire

There have been 62 reports of fly-tipping in Derbyshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Palerow Lane
Black bin liners of mixed rubbish dumped over the wall into the wood
Fly-tipping in Simcrest Avenue
Just off station rd in woodland close to footpaths approximately 500yards from hut lane
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Roofing sheets of asbestos
Fly-tipping in Car Road
Pictures got everything in it, noticed it this morning on a walk
Fly-tipping in Lime Lane
From King's Corner Crossroads, turn right, then immediately left onto Lime Lane. It's not long before you get to The Limes house on the left hand side. The fence has been broken.
Fly-tipping in Uttoxeter Old Road
Obstructing pavement. Near the new vape shop bottom of Wild Street and Uttoxeter Old Road.
Fly-tipping in Uttoxeter Old Road
Old kitchen cabinets dumped outside block of flats on the pavement.
Fly-tipping in Hurstclough Lane
Wood. Road blocked. Urgent!!
Fly-tipping in A6024
Household & drug production waste
Fly-tipping in A515
House hold waste and plastic dumped on roadside
Fly-tipping in Pindale Road
Builders waste, school chairs, cupboards and carpets
Fly-tipping in Litchurch Lane
Waste dumped behind fencing adjacent to footpath from Litchurch Lane end up to London Road junction.