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Fly-tipping in Lancashire

There have been 78 reports of fly-tipping in Lancashire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Saint David's Wood
Hard-core and several waste bags
Fly-tipping in Edward Street
I have cctv of 25 Edward st rishton dumping it. I told them I was reporting it. They wrote my address on it. I spray painted there address back on it. They dump rubbish in there yard. Then dump loads every week at the top of the ally.
Fly-tipping in Lower Lane
This fly tip wasn't here at 6.30am on 8/5/22
Fly-tipping in Branch Street
All sorts rubbish
Fly-tipping in Blackthorn Lane
Mattress and general waste outside number 10. Fridge freezer and lots more rubbish in the alleyway going from Russell Street to Abbey Street.
Fly-tipping in Moor Lane
Mattress and cupboard
Fly-tipping in Queen Street
I messaged you a few weeks ago regarding a bin outside my property full of asbestos - this is still here please could you organise for this to be removed asap. Thanks
Fly-tipping in Broomfield Road
Mixture of rubbish
Fly-tipping in Barley Cop Lane
Dozens of miniature gas canisters an other rubbish on terminus
Fly-tipping in Brockholes View
Bedding and general house waste, no mattresses or furniture. Rubbish bags.
Fly-tipping in Lancaster Road
General waste dumped in road snatchems
Fly-tipping in Peel Park Close
Various as per photograph