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Fly-tipping in Lancashire

There have been 81 reports of fly-tipping in Lancashire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in High Street
On the car park at the bottom of school street. Different types of waste dumped in a huge pile.
Fly-tipping in Moss Lane
Building rubble evident from road
Fly-tipping in Stanley Street
2 sofas left in ginnel
Fly-tipping in New Causeway
General waste
Fly-tipping in Alan Ramsbottom Way
Onto the allotments off Alan Ramsbottom way. Near where the wood chipping get left.
Fly-tipping in Harling Road
Pallets bags fruit/veg waste boxes...rats
Fly-tipping in Bluebell Way
Metal beer barrels thrown as in photograph. In front off new build houses at the railway level crossing in huncoat
Fly-tipping in Gillibrands Road
Fridge dumped at the side of a busy main road.
Fly-tipping in Bridgefield Close
Plaster and bathroom materials dumped down the rain water grate. The vehicle is currently still at the property
Fly-tipping in Ormskirk Road
1 white fridge/freezer, 1 black freezer, 1 foldable bed and a pile of soil. Located at the dead end near to junction of Ormakirl road and Spencers Lane Skelmersdale.
Fly-tipping in Primrose Street
Tree branches from trees chopped at 4 WORDSWORTH ROAD, also all the way down the backstreet. Fence panels in the backstreet dumped on an old ladies land. From the same property.
Fly-tipping in Bolton Road
Obviously from the narrow boats on the canal. Whoever it is, it is still fly tipping