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Fly-tipping in Saint Helens

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Saint Helens over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Parr Stocks Road
Fly tipping in alley on Gaskell street, bags ripped
Fly-tipping in Milton Street
Treadmill fly tipped in alleyway behind houses
Fly-tipping in Tennyson Street
Someone has been fly tipping in the alleyway to the rear of our houses. I have personally removed the rubbish left, however, unable to dispose of the treadmill.
Fly-tipping in Lord Street
2 empty houses fly tipping in both back gardens and alleyways. Site of rats at night no street cleaning area is a mess area is getting neglected
Fly-tipping in Knowsley Road
Just behind bus stop in front of the car showrooms.
Fly-tipping in Newton Road
A large number of black bin bags have been dumped next to the entry gates on both sides of the road. Looks like household waste. Located just as you turn into Southport Street, Parr.
Fly-tipping in Watery Lane
Another regular dumping spot. Roadside. Unless cleared people will continue to dump here
Fly-tipping in Mersey Street
The waste has been dumped on green belt land just off Southport Street, to the rear of my property 91 Chiltern Rd.
Fly-tipping in Derbyshire Hill Road
On gated alleyway behind houses. Consists of bin bags, old furniture, bicycles, car parts, general household junk, parts of motorcycles handwashing machine.
Fly-tipping in Newton Road
The waste has been dumped near the entry gates as you turn into Southport street off newton road.
Fly-tipping in Pimbo Road
Large mattress just past farm shop on the left.
Fly-tipping in Elton Head Road
Construction waste on sherdley park St Helens council