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Fly-tipping in Oxfordshire

There have been 43 reports of fly-tipping in Oxfordshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Wharf Close
Plastic, gas tank, wood, pole.
Fly-tipping in M40
Metal and wood waste just after motorway
Fly-tipping in North Street
Multiple piles of waste including white goods at entrance to field just before motorway bridge leading from East Street
Fly-tipping in Reliance Way
Bags of litter left by dog waste bin
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Old tyres
Fly-tipping in B480
Household waste, cardboard boxes and polystyrene
Fly-tipping in Stanford Road
Two or three sofa cushions tucked behind hedge / fence in the field by the gate
Fly-tipping in Hart Close
Chest of drawers, bin bag in culvert.
Fly-tipping in Buttermilk Lane
Plastic bags
Fly-tipping in Elder Close
Someone keeps dumping garden waste in this residential area. This has happened on several occasions and creates anti social behaviour with kids making a mess.
Fly-tipping in Lee Avenue
Large child’s plastic toy car has been left in public pathway just off Lee Avenue.
Fly-tipping in Gainsborough Green
bed dumped weeks ago which came out of the garages which are rented out by the council. And now bags of old carpet on top. Rubbish is always being dumped on the land outside 99 Gainsborough Green and the council have ignored it for years.