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Fly-tipping in Warrington

There have been 38 reports of fly-tipping in Warrington over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Enville Street
Ironing board dumped and some more used needles about
Fly-tipping in Saint Mary Street
3 boxes dumped on the footpath, the top box contains used hypodermic needles and toys. This is outside house number 2
Fly-tipping in Peartree Place
Old mattress has been dumped on the footpath
Fly-tipping in Knutsford Road
Looks like a dismantled sleigh bed and a game (pool?) table and bagged bits
Fly-tipping in Longford Street
Fly tipping at side of road and in the backs
Fly-tipping in Villars Street
Bed and box
Fly-tipping in Enville Street
St Mary’s Court Latchford Warrington WA4 1DB The tenants are dumping waste on the footpath outside of the properties. Reported countless times to council, nothing done about it. This time it’s furniture and black general waste bags.
Fly-tipping in Gorsey Lane
Fly tipping a mattress. Report to police please
Fly-tipping in Woolston Eyes
Bin bag of assorted household waste
Fly-tipping in Birch Road
Glass and wood. In entrance to electricity sub station very close to pavement where adults children and dogs walk
Fly-tipping in Chorley Street
At the back of Chorley street going onto lythgoes lane
Fly-tipping in Winwick Road
Broken sink and broken glass bottles in alley way between 561 and 559 winwick road