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Fly-tipping in Warrington

There have been 49 reports of fly-tipping in Warrington over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Valiant Close
Carpets , tiles , Hoover general waste
Fly-tipping in Sharp Street
Old bbq paraphernalia, takeaway containers and camping accessories dumped in the entry between Winifred and Sharp street
Fly-tipping in Penny Lane
General household stuff, big pile at the end from numbers 16 and 20 winwick view private tenants and landlords, other waste along the entry from various neighbours on both Penny Lane and winwick view, attracting vermin , council won’t do anything,
Fly-tipping in Widnes Road
Marsh lane next to fiddlers ferry power station, fly tipping.
Fly-tipping in Orford Lane
Fly tipping in backs
Fly-tipping in Gorsey Lane
Household waste gorsey Lane backs and ridgeway St backs
Fly-tipping in Cross Street
Fly tipping in backs
Fly-tipping in Longford Street
Lots of fly tipping and a dumped caravan in the backs behind Longford street
Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
Garden rubbish at back entrance to no 22
Fly-tipping in Silver Lane
Silver lane off the Birchwood junction of the m62
Fly-tipping in Winwick Road
Black bin bag
Fly-tipping in Bluebell Road
Looks like a grocery rubbish from a private business, its branded cardboard and plastic containers. This is the 2nd lot of this being dumped on a Wednesday or Thursday night. It is located at the Bottom of Forrest way at the roundabout in Warrington.