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Fly-tipping in Warrington

There have been 50 reports of fly-tipping in Warrington over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
A fridge and assorted fly tipping
Fly-tipping in O'Leary Street
Settees x2 mattress shopping trolley
Fly-tipping in Winwick Road
Alley way next to 561 winwick road Arm chair and mattress
Fly-tipping in Quebec Road
Old mattress, trampoline and metal frame
Fly-tipping in Saint Mary Street
The drug users in this property have now dumped the waste in their garden onto the footpath, next to where children play, there are used needles among the pizza boxes
Fly-tipping in Saint Mary Street
Tenants have left & have contaminated blue bin with gen waste, left lids up, recent storms have resulted in litter strewn all street & neighbouring properties. landlord is a nuisance to the area. 1 St Mary’s Court Latchford Warrington WA4 1DB
Fly-tipping in Forster Street
At the rear of 86 West st
Fly-tipping in Forster Street
Sofa, mattress and assorted waste at back of Clegg St
Fly-tipping in Archer Avenue
Fly-tipping in Saint Marys Court
The junkies in property 2 have dumped a chair, mattress and syringes on the pavement. St Mary’s Court Warrington
Fly-tipping in Manchester Road
The bus stop outside Alford hall is full of glass
Fly-tipping in Winwick Road
Plastic bags