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Fly-tipping in West Midlands

There have been 167 reports of fly-tipping in West Midlands over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Barston Lane
Bricks, rubble, astroturf and a broom dumped on the road side.
Fly-tipping in Tanners Lane
Van load of rubbish
Fly-tipping in Fillongley Road
Van load of bags and waste
Fly-tipping in George Street
In the nook by the Adsa car park entrance. Gradually building up. Black bags. There's some more along George St inc a sanitary towel on the pavement!
Fly-tipping in Pickford Green Lane
NAPPIES - if you have any information on when these show up please post. This will allow ANPR evidence to be collated.
Fly-tipping in Watery Lane
Trade wate
Fly-tipping in Park Street
1 mattress
Fly-tipping in Bankside
Fly typing continually occurring on bankside as it’s a cul de sac with no cameras to spot these people doing the crime
Fly-tipping in Bankside
the rubbish is located on ‘Bankside’ behind the property of ‘90 Tenby Road’. Bankside is commonly used to fly tip as there are no cameras to deter such activities. There are sofas and toys.
Fly-tipping in Wall Hill Road
Trade waste
Fly-tipping in Brineton Street
Double mattress and tall fridge freezer
Fly-tipping in Olton Boulevard East
Many bags of clothes been dumped over night it wasn’t their on Saturday 7th May I’ve seen it 7am on Sunday morning Please do something I have disabilities I Can’t move them few weeks ago some dumped a fridge freezer on the green.