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Fly-tipping in West Midlands

There have been 178 reports of fly-tipping in West Midlands over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Heath Road
House clearance type waste in hedgerow
Fly-tipping in Oxhill Road
Oxhill Road alley Way
Fly-tipping in Soho Road
All this in one road, this is by the shops. Investigation of cctv here- those shops will have these culprits in camera. This road is suffers a constant Fly tipping- if some where caught it would deter it.
Fly-tipping in Soho Road
This road is being used as a dump, utterly disgusting surely the cctv in these shops and services may have captured these people?
Fly-tipping in Addison Road
Kitchen appliance dumped road side
Fly-tipping in Bath Street
Basin dumped on Bath street
Fly-tipping in Wolverhampton Street
Right on pavement for pedestrians to dodge
Fly-tipping in Sparkbrook Street
Large bulky waste, dumped here
Fly-tipping in Woodlands Park Road
Grab bag, and bulky waste dumped in park
Fly-tipping in Whateley Road
Corner of Dawson road- dumped Mattress and waste
Fly-tipping in Whateley Road
Mattress and waste dumped
Fly-tipping in Station Road
Freezer and waste dumped