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Fly-tipping in West Midlands

There have been 167 reports of fly-tipping in West Midlands over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Savoy Close
Settee abandoned by the garages
Fly-tipping in Ryton End
Mixed household waste, complete with an address pictured in the last photo.
Fly-tipping in Hampton Road
Mattress, fridge, telly and other bits. Roofing has been cleared but these are still here.
Fly-tipping in Coton Lane
Fly tipping of black bags carpets and boxes
Fly-tipping in Barston Lane
Bed and mattress, small sofa, loads of tyres and fuel receipts all with the same card number on them.
Fly-tipping in Hampton Road
Roofing waste, mattress, tv, fridge. Been here weeks now and been reported before.
Fly-tipping in Grantham Road
Carpets dumped ouside Newport medical centre on Grantham road
Fly-tipping in Banners Walk
Various black bags, mattress general waste
Fly-tipping in Mill Street
Bags of rubbish and wood
Fly-tipping in Woodway Lane
Dumped motorbike in the Oxford Canal just off woodway lane and next to Bridge No 9. Is on the motorway side of canal with some parts visible above water
Fly-tipping in Grantham Road
Garden waste
Fly-tipping in Anderton Road
Rubbish dumped on grass verge