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Fly-tipping in West Midlands

There have been 148 reports of fly-tipping in West Midlands over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Riverpark Way
M&S trolley in the river.
Fly-tipping in Banners Walk
Genera rubbish,
Fly-tipping in Savoy Close
Settee by the garages has been there for over a month
Fly-tipping in Moat House Lane East
A bathroom cabinet by the bins a mattress by the car park and someone has just dumped 2 sofas this is round the back of the flats i live at 68c
Fly-tipping in Knowle Road
House rubbish from refurbishment along with persons name and address in the rubbish
Fly-tipping in Tessall Lane
Broken glass down the whole path of Daffodil Park. The route is used by many dog walkers, pedestrians and cyclists.
Fly-tipping in George Street
Entrance to Asda Car Park George Street. Lots of bags of household waste. They've been there for weeks!
Fly-tipping in Hallens Drive
Various items builders wastr
Fly-tipping in Tessall Lane
Two large bags on the road.
Fly-tipping in West Bromwich Street
Top of Thorpe Road. Black bags + packaging and other rubbish.
Fly-tipping in West Bromwich Street
Alley between West Brom St and Windsor St. Fridge.
Fly-tipping in Windsor Street
Bed base on Windsor Street by the electricity sub station.