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Fly-tipping in Wiltshire

There have been 37 reports of fly-tipping in Wiltshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Fly-tipping in Fiander Lane
Wooden pallets. Chip board. Mattress etc
Fly-tipping in The Mead
Domestic waste under an old upturned wheelbarrow. Approximately 300 yards from main road on the byway next to a dung heap.
Fly-tipping in Newhouse Farm Cottages
General household waste in boxes. Includes dog accessories and faeces, a door, food packaging and bagged grass clippings. Culprits set some of it on fire. We had to clear this ourselves as it blocks the access which was extremely unpleasant.
Fly-tipping in Newhouse Farm Cottages
General household waste. Also included dog accessories and faeces, a door and bagged grass clippings. Culprits also set a pile of the waste on fire to try and dispose of it.
Fly-tipping in Tidworth Road
Three Metal Barrels and some other building waste. Dumped behind the hedge close to the road where cars can pull in to park.
Fly-tipping in Cornmarsh Way
Merlin way/wanborough road 4 black plastic bags left on verge in the shrubs
Fly-tipping in Rollestone Road
Motor tyres and wheel trims
Fly-tipping in Westfield Close
Tyres and mixed bulk waste
Fly-tipping in Easton Lane
Building waste and a washing machine. All deposited just down a Byway. Access is possible using a small truck. Road surface is compacted mud but accessible whilst dry.
Fly-tipping in Bath Road
Washing machine at the side of a Byway Open to All Traffic. Road surface is compacted mud. A small truck could drive here in dry conditions
Fly-tipping in Wadswick Lane
General scrap metal watse