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Fly-tipping in Bromsgrove

Fly-tipping in M5
Malthouse Lane under m5 bridge on right. Two piles of black rubber hose.
Fly-tipping in Whitford Bridge Road
Fly-tipping in M5
Cardboard and bubble wrap
Fly-tipping in Bumble Hole Lane
Nylon plastic bags
Fly-tipping in Alfreds Well
Household. Car seat. Suitcase. Toys. School bag. Mattress. Settee. Chairs
Fly-tipping in Swan Lane
Mixture of carpet, underlay, plastic storage boxes, plastic sheets and imitation grass pieces.
Fly-tipping in Pikes Pool Lane
Old settee
Fly-tipping in Hewell Lane
Appears to 40 bags of soil and extractor fan and other misc items
Fly-tipping in London Lane
On lay-by
Fly-tipping in Timberhonger Lane
Fridge, door and other items dumped, was not there yesterday.
Fly-tipping in Malthouse Lane
House clear out, childrens prams and toys along with flatscreen tv and game controllers. Found while riding down the lane, very common area for fly tipping
Fly-tipping in Station Street
The rubbish is dumped outside 18 guild court bromsgrove b60 2bt. The van turns up every evening dumps his rubbish leaves his van in court and goes home. Has done this everyday for a week