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Fly-tipping in Aberdeenshire

There have been 6 reports of fly-tipping in Aberdeenshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in B977
Dumped tures
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Rubbish including asbestos? In forest
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Rubbish on forest track
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Caravan stuffed with rubbish
Fly-tipping in Damhead Way
Household rubbish on road
Fly-tipping in Old Military Road
Old tyre and garden planter with vegetation in removed from the ditch at side of lay-by on A93 old military road. Left by the side of the lay-by for uplift.
Fly-tipping in Ballater Road
Large triangular metal beam along with 2 small metal pipe pieces and a plastic roadside pole (all very old)
Fly-tipping in Chapel Brae
Abandoned tent and camping equipment left above the parking area, bagged up in black sacks and left next to bin for collection
Fly-tipping in Ballater Road
Camping equipment, glass bottles and drink cans flytipped around carpark area. Bagged in black sacks for uplifting. Broken bike still in location, another bike also left
Fly-tipping in A93
Flytipped tents, camping waste, and folding chair left next to bin in A93 layby westbound at Inver. Bagged in black sacks for uplifting. Also 2 tyres.
Fly-tipping in Ballater Road
Bicycle still waiting for uplift
Fly-tipping in Ballater Road
Flytipped food waste and disposable bbqs, bagged up into black sacks for uplifting. Broken bike abandoned nearby on Deeside Way moved to the same location.