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Fly-tipping in Angus council

Fly-tipping in Windyghoul Road
Full sized door decorated to celebrate NHS back in April in Caddam Wood. Now just looking like junk due to on going weathering. Looks awful and potentially dangerous once we get into more severe weather with high winds.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
garden waste
Fly-tipping in Templeton Road
Household waste with some tyres. At the bottom of Templeton Road Dundee turn left and at first bend entrance on right to the old railway line path. Rubbish on Templeton Road reported 3+ weeks ago still there!!!
Fly-tipping in 1
Lots of rubbish (didn't see what it was) plus a big pile of cans/ bottles etc. near the bushes just off the cycle path (Didn't get a picture so attached the sunrise!)
Fly-tipping in Broomfield Road
2 x mattresses dumped at the bottom of the old aerodrome at Broomfield Montrose. There are around 50 caravans along a bit, behind the waste treatment centre, with rubbish bags, petrol cans, bikes dog kennels etc. littered around also.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Fridge, microwave and household rubbish, just outside lay-by.
Fly-tipping in Dunnichen Road
Grey council bin with rubble. In lay-by on minor road of main road.
Fly-tipping in Dunnichen Road
Grey council bin filled with rubble in lay-by of Dunnichen road
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
General waste spread a significant distance along roadside by Duntrune House, Dundee.
Fly-tipping in Lime Grove
Vacuum cleaners and assorted waste
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Dangerous fridge freezer on roadside next to Duntrune House entrance.
Fly-tipping in Kellas Road
ADDRESS ON BOX ( see photo)! General household waste.