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Fly-tipping in Edinburgh

There have been 26 reports of fly-tipping in Edinburgh over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Pilton Drive
Collected litter and flytipping - brought together by the recycling bins at Ainslie Park
Fly-tipping in Arneil Drive
Mixture of collected flytipping and collected litter. Previously reported to the council 3 weeks ago but it is still to be collected. On the cycle path and accessible via Arneil Drive
Fly-tipping in Ferry Road Avenue
Metal bed frame and a bag of collected litter. Trolley at same location has been reported via Trolleywise app for collection. Located between phone mast and o2 box on the east side of the street
Fly-tipping in Telford Drive
Various recovered flytipping and litter recovered from the bushes and trees on the cycle path. 1 motorbike remains in the bushes on the NW side of the path which was too heavy to move
Fly-tipping in Easter Drylaw Drive
Not sure if this is fly tipping that has been dumped or collected and left by the path so may have previously been reported
Fly-tipping in Crewe Road West
Come, sign, dumped Lino pulled from the cycle path- placed at the fork on the path before the main junction
Fly-tipping in Southhouse Brae
Discarded pieces of wood
Fly-tipping in Pilton Drive
Just off the cycle path by the pilton drive bridge. Various wooden debris, bottles and a large chunk of discarded concrete that isn’t movable by hang
Fly-tipping in Pilton Drive
Off the cycle path to the south of Spartans easterly pitch
Fly-tipping in B9085
Sits on a area of ground west of Leonardos buildings. Have brought together as much as possible so it is visible.
Fly-tipping in Crewe Road Gardens
The waste is on West Granton Access Road, the east side in amongst the bushes and trees 100 metres south or so of the bridge
Fly-tipping in Benhar Road
Household waste, rat killer, foam, insulation, cans.