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Fly-tipping in West Lothian

There have been 175 reports of fly-tipping in West Lothian over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Katherine Street
Mattress, household rubbish flytipped, ,headboard wood, trampolines all just been dumped....
Fly-tipping in Craigshill Road
1 bag and some metal/wood
Fly-tipping in Onslow Street
11 bags and assorted rubbish, wood, plastic...
Fly-tipping in Craigswood
The flytip is situated beside the container in the playing fields! Large steel container, tyre, floor sheeting and plastic container and steel wiring
Fly-tipping in Hazel Grove
Various. One lot ar end of poplar another at rowan.
Fly-tipping in Holly Grove
Sofa bed beside underpass in maple Grove.
Fly-tipping in Craigshill East Road
Brown bin full of rubbish and various other items at the side. At end of Juniper grove.
Fly-tipping in Beech Grove
Household items and rubbish right at end of chestnut Grove next to someone's garden
Fly-tipping in Craigshill Street
Various items at street sign.
Fly-tipping in Ash Grove
Various rubbish at entrance to Ash Grove
Fly-tipping in Ash Grove
Bedding and buggy adjacent to 14 Ash grove
Fly-tipping in Ash Grove
Children's toys and furniture outside 29 Ash grove